Corporate Responsibility

We understand that our business decisions, products and services and our operations have a direct impact on the environment and our communities, customers and associates. At SpartanNash, our social responsibility and environmental sustainability programs together make up our broader SpartanNash Corporate Responsibility commitment.

Our SpartanNash Corporate Responsibility vision states we will engage in business practices that promote in a fiscally responsible manner the long-term well-being of the environment, the communities and customers we serve and SpartanNash and its associates.

To remain laser-focused on our corporate?responsibility journey, we also developed?a CR strategic dashboard in 2017. This?dashboard guides our corporate responsibility?efforts, and we have already made great?strides in each of our five focus areas —?cultivating local relationships and product?development, advancing diversity and?inclusion, volunteering, minimizing waste and?reducing energy consumption.

In November 2018, we published our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, bringing our corporate responsibility commitments?to life — through both stories and statistics —
as we take food places in more sustainable,?socially conscious ways.

If you have questions or comments regarding our Corporate Responsibility programs, please submit them to

We support our associates, customers and the communities we serve and emphasize local relationships that matter
We are committed to reducing our consumption of natural resources and impact to the environment
We work to end hunger, provide shelter and support our military heroes
Read our 2017 CR Report, which highlights our investments in social responsibility and environmental sustainability